Check your baby when away

Amongst all the electronic gadgets to help in your day to day activities, the one which every parent vows to possess is the baby monitor. As infants need constant attention owing to their vulnerability to accidents or injuries, a parent needs to keep a continuous check on the baby for his/her safety. Parents need to keep an eye on all the activities of the baby as leaving them unattended even for a second can prove dangerous. And now with the rising incidences of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome), the fear of leaving the baby alone has increased manifold and rightly so as the god’s little gift deserves your care and concern to grow in a safe and secure environment. Though parents and family are the best guardians and companions for the baby, their absence at times while attending nature’s call, other household chores or while sleeping can be substituted by this wondrous device called ‘the baby monitor’.

This monitor consists of a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter transmits the audio or video signals to the receiver where the parents can actually, see or hear their babies while being away. Any inconvenience or unnatural movement or sound on the part of the baby can be tracked through this monitor and alerts the parent.

A baby monitor helps serve the following purposes:

As with every gadget, this one has certain limitations too:

Thus, it is always wise to choose the monitor enabled with the right features to ensure proper safety and efficiency.Always go for the monitors with DECT technology or digitally enhanced cordless telecommunication that encrypts the audio signals and provides better security. Prefer devices with low battery indicators as well as sound activated light for enhanced surveillance. More advanced features include internet connectivity to check the infant online or on your mobile, temperature monitor to track the newborn’s room temperature etc. Irrespective of the model of the monitor, it is always advised to place the transmitter within 10 feet of the baby’s crib for best results.

This device ensures your newborn’s safety while providing you some peaceful time of your own.